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Letter: Didn’t military fight for right to protest?

Didn’t military fight for right to protest?

How a player’s kneeling to protest racial inequality in the justice system became about disrespect for the military is beyond me, but not for the reason those whiners think. It’s beyond anyone who reads a lack of patriotism into the practice of the very freedoms our soldiers fight to protect. If not to use our rights, then why fight for them?

If we are not to be allowed to gather peacefully to protest even against the things we hold up as our symbols, then why did the Revolution occur? The British subjects should just have stayed meek and unable to speak against the king, taxation and the plunder of their livelihoods by British soldiers who occupied the colonies.

But we didn’t like it. And we wanted more. And each time someone has threatened that, we go to war again. And why? So that anybody in this country can kneel while the national anthem is played, and speak against King Trump. And he can tweet back.

If you wonder what it might have been like if the Axis powers had won, watch “The Man in the High Tower” and see the United States divided between the Japanese and the Germans after we lost World War II. It isn’t pretty.

Becky Arcese


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