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Letter: Constitutional convention will waste time and money

Constitutional convention will waste time and money

Even without taking into consideration what else is at stake, there is no need for a New York constitutional convention.

The two-year timeline alone and the cost of going through a process that can be accomplished through legislative amendments is absurd.

The timeline is as follows: Nov. 7, popular vote on referendum; Nov. 6, 2018, popular vote on convention delegates; April 2, 2019, convene convention; and Nov. 5, 2019, popular vote on convention proposals, which combined with low voter turnout of recent years, may be a total waste of time and money. Additionally, in 1967, voters rejected the proposals because they were packaged together, without the ability to choose individual proposals.

The 204 delegates (three from each Senate district and 15 at large) would be paid the going rate for an Assemblyman ($79,500) plus a travel stipend. Since delegates can include members of the Legislature, other elected officials and political party leaders, it is highly likely that delegates would have their own agendas and may not be representative of the state population as a whole.

The cost to taxpayers is cited at around $50 million, with the stipends alone more than $16 million. This money could be spent on more important needs – health, education, infrastructure.

Please be sure to look at the back of your ballot to vote no to the constitutional convention.

Carol Adler


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