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Letter: Collins and Price need to be held accountable

Collins and Price need to be held accountable

I’ve seen in various print and electronic media reports how local and national politicians have benefited in their respective stock dealings. I think it would be the media’s obligation to disclose and explain why a private citizen like Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading and yet Republican politicians like Rep. Chris Collins and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price seem to escape the same degree of scrutiny and punishment.

For the sake of transparency and just to clear up any mystery: What ethical guidelines or laws do our elected officials have to follow relative to their stock dealings? This should be a question for the Securities and Exchange Commission to answer. And it should be explored in depth by the media. If the media are truly the “fourth” branch of government, as they are often characterized, it is incumbent upon media organizations to get to the bottom of the concerns addressed herein.

Nicholas Taneff

Orchard Park

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