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Letter: Abolish mail-in rebates, just give us the sale price

Abolish mail-in rebates, just give us the sale price

It’s that time of year when wine merchants increase their efforts to sell their wine or spirits. I respect their right to offer a rebate when you buy a bottle of their wine or spirits. I hope they will respect my right to choose another wine store to avoid playing the “mail in rebate” game.

I realize they want me to save the receipt and mail-in coupon, which I must fill out, place in an envelope, address, place postage on and remember to take to the post office. I am sure they would also be happy if I forgot to mail it in because then they would not have to issue a refund.

Having a consumer jump through hoops, putting out effort and postage, to receive a rebate seems like an affront to common sense.

I am sure that many consumers prefer the wine store that lists the actual price instead of those that list the lower price and in small print indicate MIR (mail-in rebate) next to their product.

Phillip Sparacino

East Amherst

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