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John Murphy Show: Lorenzo Alexander talks about keys to victory

NFL Films' Greg Cosell joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Friday.

Cosell talked about what to expect from Jameis coming off the AC joint injury, the scheme of the Buccaneers offense, why Desean Jackson hasn't been clearly featured, is Jameis' recklessness part of the package or can it be coached out of him, and the prospect for rookie O.J. Howard.

Cosell also talked about the Bills need to pass on first and ten against the Buccaneers defense, how the offensive line can evolve despite still being a "mauling" unit, and a discussion of Derek Carr's game overall post-injury as well as what to think of the slumping Chiefs. Cosell finished by taking a look around the NFL, discussing the issues with Hundley under center in Green Bay, the Falcons' struggles as they head up against New England and the Jets-Dolphins game.

Analyst and Wall of Famer Mark Kelso also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about the keys to a victory he saw on film versus Tampa Bay, including more usage of Patrick DiMarco, the importance of offensive line symmetry, the importance of turnovers and scoring points off turnovers, the dangers of playing off Desean Jackson, Jameis Winston's growth and maturity and what you can expect with him starting with an AC joint sprain.

Fox announcer and Western New York native Daryl "Moose" Johnston joined the show, in town as an announcer for the Bills-Buccaneers game. Johnston talked about the ebb and flow of fullbacks being used regularly by teams, where Johnston sees Jameis Winston among his peers of younger quarterbacks, and how the presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick gives Tampa Bay a 1-2 punch at quarterback. Johnston finished his chat talking about Syracuse football and the influence "Coach Mac" had on him as a young man.

Finally, Lorenzo Alexander joined for his "Lo Down" weekly appearance, detailing his keys to victory, the bye week and the work done after it, as well as the recent public service done by the players and the impetus of chatting with the Pegulas to get it done.


John Murphy Show October 20th 2017


Mark Kelso: "The essential ingredient to a Bills win is getting the run game going. There are a lot of opportunities in the play action pass game...I hope they used the fullback a lot because the last time the team got the run game going in the second half, DiMarco was in versus Atlanta."

Mark Kelso, on the run game issues: "First of all — it's not necessarily a schematic thing that they haven't been able to put numbers up like in previous's really focusing on executing the plays they can run most efficiently."

Mark Kelso, on Tre'Davious White: "I think he responded well — he has been everything he was advertised...I think he's played well this point in the season and at this point as a rookie he's everything as advertised...He seems like a young man with a growth mindset."

Greg Cosell, on Tampa Bay offense: "This offense — they like to work their offense off the run game...they're a five-step, seven-step passing team. Winston is an aggressive confident thrower and that's the kind of pass game they want and that's the type of game they typically get."

Greg Cosell: "There's no question that Jackson has not been the deep threat in the offense they've been hoping for at this point."

Greg Cosell, on Murphy's questions regarding O.J. Howard underperforming: "I think Howard will still be a good player, but I think when they line up with one tight end, in 11 personnel it will be Brady. I think at this point he's the more consistent player."

Greg Cosell, on Winston's growth potential: "I think that he has to develop a feel for his overall team, and what he can do and can't do situationally."

Greg Cosell on the Buccaneers defense: "I think they're playing a defense this week that is an execution style defense and not a scheme-style defense. It's a defense you know what you're going to get. I think there is a great opportunity for 1st-and-10 passing, particularly play action, which is a strength of the [Bills] offense and Tyrod Taylor."

Greg Cosell on Brett Hundley playing for Green Bay: "You'll see two things — one, more of a conventional run game and two, more of the gun — and you'll see more of the read game...I think Hundley is a good runner and he'll run improvisationally - they're not going to be playing 35-32 games."

Greg Cosell, on predicting the game: "It would not surprise me if the game plays out the way the Bills want it to. I think they have a real shot to win this game."

Moose Johnston: "It seems as though they had a really productive meeting during the bye week. And that's a credit to Sean McDermott for fostering the environment of having an 'open door' policy...I think you're going to find a nice blend of what they want to do. You sense that LeSean McCoy was confident in the potential for what this offense could be after the bye week."

Moose Johnston: "If something was to happen to Jameis, you want to be wary of Fitzpatrick coming off the bench."

Lorenzo Alexander: "I think after having those meetings with Kim Pegula, they heard what we were trying to say in those conversations. And since we felt that we were being heard, nobody kneeled...unless the President or someone says something out of pocket, I don't see that changing."

Lorenzo Alexander: "It's really all about staying ahead of the chains...Just seeing those guys come out, we had a great week of practice...just stay on a good rhythm and establish themselves offensively as we know they're capable of doing."

Lorenzo Alexander: "We have to be physical — this is an offensive coordinator known to abandon the run when it's not working."


0:00-12:00: Excitement for jeans Friday, Buccaneers superstars coming to Buffalo and a lack of enthusiasm for Ohio State band

18:00-28:00: What is the key to a Bills win Sunday vs. Tampa Bay?

33:00-52:20: Interview with Mark Kelso

1:04:00-1:27:00: Interview with NFL Films' Greg Cosell

2:03:00-2:16:00: Interview with Fox's Daryl "Moose" Johnston

2:35:00-2:47:10: "The Lo Down" with Lorenzo Alexander

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