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Letter: Vote to deny pensions to corrupt politicians

Vote to deny pensions to corrupt politicians

In his Another Voice, State Sen. Chris Jacobs, who represents the 60th District, urged citizens to vote yes on Proposition 2 on Election Day. I wholeheartedly agree and would ask that all residents of New York State vote yes on this proposition. I have been denied the right to obtain my husband’s pension, or the right to select an election option on his behalf, for the past 10 years.

I feel that corrupt politicians should lose their pensions when they have been convicted of a serious crime because they have become derelict in the job that they were appointed to do.

It seems as though many of these politicians are against widows/widowers receiving what is rightfully owed to them after their spouse passes away, even though they never committed any crimes or corruption. But we are not protected by any laws to help us receive what has been taken away.

I feel I should be granted that right. My husband, who was a correction officer, never committed any crimes. He put his life at risk every day when he went to work, and I should receive the pension that he rightfully earned. When are the rights of widows/widowers going to be upheld and when will justice be returned to us?

Janis Middlebrooks


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