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Letter: Judge was wrong to block the president’s travel ban

Judge was wrong to block the president’s travel ban

The recent travel ban struck down by a Hawaiian judge is another setback for the Trump administration. However, this temporary ban will be overturned, in time, by the Supreme Court, the law of the land. One by one, these Democratic judges have dealt a severe blow to our national security and well-being by letting this open-door policy exist.

History tells us to beware. However, this has fallen on ill-advised judges who continue to envision an America where it is OK to enter without consequences regardless of past repercussions. We have met our status quo and going forward we will whittle down the moles whose only incentive is self- and mass destruction.

It is now too late in life to go back to our new frontier and green pastures for everyone. Instead we must guard, live and protect our borders and boundaries before we are turned into victims in our backyards.

Tony Hammill


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