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Letter: Constitutional convention will put many rights at risk

Constitutional convention will put many rights at risk

An Oct. 15 News editorial directed readers to “take note” of the disparate groups opposed to a constitutional convention. Take note indeed.

Make no mistake, as individuals we all have an agenda. Every voter, regardless of political stripe, has issues that are most important to him or her.

However, regardless of whether one’s passion is public education, workers’ rights, gun rights, gay rights or the environment, a constitutional convention does, in fact, put all of these at risk.

The very fact that so many New Yorkers, who don’t otherwise agree on much of anything, think a constitutional convention is a dangerous exercise and waste of taxpayer money means we’re all saying no!

The News might consider ceasing to deride us as “interests,” and simply acknowledge us as citizens. What The News dismisses as “strange bedfellows,” we call broad, bipartisan agreement.

As for “feeding at the public trough,” The News apparently has no problem with convention delegates, who will be at their work for months, running up a tab likely to reach tens of millions of dollars. At what “trough” will they be feeding?

The News correctly points out that many are worried that Albany insiders will “gain control of a convention … though there are ways to limit those possibilities.” Here’s one way: Vote no!

Mark E. Coughlin


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