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McDermott: Not enough 'very, very good days' from Taylor

Sean McDermott was asked during Wednesday's weekly press conference how difficult it is to evaluate Tyrod Taylor's performance, considering that he hasn't had a viable wide receiving corps since August.

"You evaluate everyone, both individually and as a team," McDermott. "You keep that in mind. That said, you want to see the offense move. This is true of any player. There are going to be bad days. The days when you don't have your A game, how do you affect the overall team?

"Tyrod has had some of what I determine to be very, very good days, what I consider playoff-caliber moments. We've got to continue to grow as a football team, and I look forward to doing that going forward with Tyrod as our quarterback."

Has Taylor had enough of those very, very good days, the head coach was asked?

"We haven't had enough of those as a team, as that goes. If we did, at this point we'd be sitting here at 5-0, and we're 3-2," McDermott said. "Lot of room for improvement, and that starts with me."

The Bills will judge Taylor on his own merits. Yes, his surrounding cast is weak, but a true franchise quarterback's "A game" can lift a team above circumstances and make other players better. Taylor rarely does that in the passing game. The Bills are 31st in the NFL in passing and 32nd in percentage of sacks against. Those are similar to his numbers in his first two seasons in Buffalo.

McDermott is sure to couch his remarks, but he seems to be saying that Taylor's marginal weapons are no excuse. He's an inferior passer in a passing league. I suspect the Bills have already made their minds up on Taylor, and the quality of the team's receiving corps will not alter their opinions on his future.

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