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Letter: Let’s turn our attention to serious issues we face

Let’s turn our attention to serious issues we face

Fractured and frozen, America stands a disparate people struggling with momentous concerns – critical, even existential issues that plead for resolution. With our national psyche dangerously divided, we appear petty, pitiable and pitiful. Is this who we are?

Angry and apart, we find ourselves captivated, almost consumed by incidental, nonvital matters, focused on banalities, conflicting personalities and matters of no consequence. We appear so small, so filled with hate and rancor, that we are somehow paralyzed and unable to address the urgent questions that weigh on us, our families and future. Talk about misdirected priorities.

Surrounded by mountains ready to fall on us, we respond by picking up pebbles of nonsense to throw at people and entities with whom we disagree.

This is certainly not the America that I know! At some point, hopefully in the very near future, must we not vacate the self-imposed Tower of Babel mentality and address what is stunningly essential to our national interests? Should we not begin by acknowledging the importance of dealing with facts rather than fabrication, with truth versus invention? Any other starting point, I fear, lacks the promise of success.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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