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Letter: Creepy behavior shows serious lack of character

Creepy behavior shows serious lack of character

What kind of a person brags that he can fondle women because he is a reality TV star? What kind of a person, supposedly for business reasons, invites a woman to his hotel room where he is dressed only in a towel? What kind of a person brags that during a beauty pageant, which he is running, he timed his entry into their dressing room in order to catch them in various stages of undress? What kind of person drops the aforementioned towel and asks for a massage?

Sounds almost like the same guy – at least the same type of guy. But no, they are two different men in positions of power, committing the same boorish, creepy behavior against women. Both are guilty, in my judgment, of being devoid of any character or integrity. Two men of means who think that they can do whatever they want.

And there are out there apologists who spin this behavior as “boys will be boys” or just “locker room banter.” We are really setting a low bar for these creeps.

Of course, this type of harassment and abuse has been going on for a long time, as evidenced by the recent #MeToo Twitter campaign started by actress Alyssa Milano. The overwhelming response to her campaign shows us the magnitude of the sexual abuse and harassment problem.

As a naïve guy, I guess I never realized that this type of behavior was and is so insidious. Thanks to women speaking out and to Milano, I do now.

Bill Kretzer

East Aurora

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