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A little Buffalove is ticket to ride off

You never know when a little Buffalove will come in handy, even when you’re about 200 miles from the City of Good Neighbors.

Apparently, it got Kate Goss out of a jam. Goss, who grew up in the Town of Tonawanda and graduated from Kenmore West High School, now lives in the Cleveland area.

At a recent traffic stop out there, a police officer decided to go easy on her after she failed to come to a complete stop at a red light. Goss didn’t want to say where, exactly, because she didn’t want to get the cop in trouble for letting her go.

However, it was a sticker on the back of her vehicle, just under the window, that wound up being her “get out of jail free” card, to use a turn of phrase. It is one of those Buffalove stickers, the ones depicting a buffalo with a red heart on it.

Goss posted about her conversation with the officer on Facebook. In her post, she said the cop who pulled her over asked her if she was from Buffalo. When Goss replied yes, the officer confided that his wife was from Buffalo. She inquired what part and he replied North Tonawanda.

“Oh, I grew up right by there,” Goss responded.

After an awkward pause, the officer confessed: “She’d kill me if I gave you a ticket, so just be careful, OK? Oh, and go Bills!”

Before driving off, Goss responded back: “Oh my God! Thank you! Go Bills!”

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