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'In a Lonely Place,' an essential Bogart noir, at Dipson Eastern Hills

Even the casual movie fan knows Humphrey Bogart, a name that immediately conjures images from the beloved "Casablanca" or perhaps one of his smoldering dramas with Lauren Bacall like "Key Largo."

But "In a Lonely Place," considered by many as one of the greats in the film noir genre, should also be high on the list of Bogey's best. It's the next movie in "Noir Essentials" film series, showing at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 18 in the Dipson Eastern Hills.

"It's as necessary a noir as they come, one that should absolutely be seen on the big screen," said Alex Weinstein, 24, founder of "Noir Essentials." He added Bogart plays "to something more raw, allowing the audience to creep behind the cool veneer of his screen persona."

The film presents a world which is all too visible, he said. "This is not the noir of stark shadows and rolling fog - but one of constantly watching eyes and burning vulnerability. Light is the true enemy of Nicholas Ray’s picture, as evidenced by each line, scar, and sagging pore on Humphrey Bogart’s face. The actor was 50 years old at the time of production, and looks every bit of it - appearing to us more the weathered shell of Sam Spade or Rick Blaine."

In introducing "In a Lonely Place" for a recent showing on Turner Classic Movies, Eddie Muller (the Czar of Noir) called it his "favorite film of all time" and "one of cinema's most profound explorations of relationships between male friends, between an artist and his patrons and, primarily and poignantly, between a brilliant insecure man and a smart gun-shy woman," Muller said. "This movie is film noir for fully grown adults."

Tickets are $7 at the theater box office.




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