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Amos Lee gets intimate at UBCFA

Philadelphia-bred singer/songwriter Amos Lee has a style complementary with his genre’s ilk. Buffalo-area music fans present for his June 2015 Artpark performance with David Gray can attest to this.

But with a catalog full of acoustic ballads and percussive testimonials, Lee’s work can stand on its own, and is ideally suited for the type of seated, intimate evening he has planned for those headed to UB’s Center for the Arts on Oct. 23.

Yes, the soothing solo artist has a litany of material that seems specifically suited to crackle aside a fireplace, float atop a summer breeze or echo throughout a newly married couple’s first dance. (See: “Arms of a Woman.”) But intertwined throughout these tracks is a soulful stitching appropriate for any environment, and sought after by listeners longing for some semblance of serenity.

The nodding “Night Train.” The reassuring "Wait Up For Me." The slide guitar-accented “Windows Are Rolled Down.” These are tracks that link fans to the type of smiling calm accessed through some of folk’s finest work. And thankfully, Lee’s got plenty of tranquility to spare—and share.

Amos Lee: 7:30 p.m. Oct. 23 at UB Center for the Arts, North Campus, Amherst. Opening is Mutlu. Tickets are $34-$54. (box office, Ticketfly).

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