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Explore new ways to move people around Outer Harbor

The recent article about developing Terminals A and B on the Outer Harbor covers a lot of ground but omits the issue of getting there. Any future development at either terminal needs to consider innovative ways to move large numbers of people to and from the Outer Harbor.

As we grow, it is important for us to consider the ecological footprint of what we do, especially the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere. We don’t need more parking lots and garages and traffic congestion; we need alternatives like bus or shuttle services.

Ferries are also an option. Our new small-scale bicycle ferry seems to be doing a great job, seasonally, of bringing a small number of cyclists and hikers across the water every 15 to 20 minutes. During a recent trip to Europe, I rode a larger ferry that crosses the Amsterdam Harbor every 5 to 10 minutes, filled to overflowing with bikes and people. A ferry to and from our Outer Harbor has similar potential, as attractions increase on the other side.

Another option is the sky gondola that has been introduced and promoted by Citizens for Regional Transit. This is an environmentally sound option and one whose cost is exponentially lower than that of an earlier proposed lift bridge, saving an estimated 70 percent of the cost of the bridge while also saving carbon emissions and precious land from parking pave-over.

New projects need new approaches, and finding alternatives to single-occupancy automobile access is a planet-friendly approach that can and should be taken.

Lynn Magdol

Executive Board member

Citizens for Regional Transit


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