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Letter: Birth control coverage should be guaranteed

Birth control coverage should be guaranteed

I am outraged that the Trump administration has taken direct aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women, eliminating the guarantee for birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Birth control is not controversial. A majority of Americans support no-copay birth control, because they understand that women’s ability to access basic health care should not be up for debate. I, like nearly nine in 10 American women, used contraception during my reproductive years. Women use birth control for family planning and other medical reasons, like treating endometriosis. Therefore, birth control should be treated like any other preventive medical care.

This rule means that virtually any employer can decide against its women employees having birth control covered by her health insurance. This is a sweeping step toward dismantling birth control access for millions of women across the country.

President Trump’s action has nothing to do with religion. Under the ACA, religious organizations already had an accommodation that still ensured their employees could get coverage through other means. This rule is about taking away women’s fundamental health care, plain and simple.

Linda Ray


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