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Bucky & Sully Show: Catching up with old friend Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played for seven different NFL teams, but when his career is over, he wants to be remembered most for his time with the Buffalo Bills.

“When we were in Arizona they did a ceremony at my high school at halftime and I was involved in it and they asked me for a photo from my NFL days,” Fitzpatrick said during an interview on Monday with News Sports Columnists Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan on their weekly radio show on 1270 The Fan.

“So I’m sitting there and I have seven different teams to choose a jersey from. There was this overwhelming feeling that if I was going to be recognized for my NFL career, then I wanted to have a Buffalo Bills jersey on the banner that they hung up. I think that for me that said a lot about the people that I cared about, my experience when I was there, how great the fans were, and how close to my heart that experience in Buffalo was.”

Fitzpatrick talked about the possibility of playing against his former team this coming week now that Buccaneers starter Jameis Winston is dealing with a shoulder injury.

“I’m not sure yet. I think he’s got to get evaluated and figure it out, but it’s a position I’ve been in many times before,” Fitzpatrick said. “I just watched the Cincinnati game. And even just looking at, who do I recognize? There’s Kyle Williams, old faithful, the old man, and Marcell (Dareus), and after that, I don’t know if I know any of those guys out there.”

Fitzpatrick also discussed his decision to keep playing after a “tough year” with the Jets, whether he is concerned about concussions, and the NFL record he recently set.

“They said I set a record for throwing a touchdown for seven different teams,” Fitzpatrick said. “I immediately said I must have the record for throwing an interception for seven different teams, too.”


News Sports Writer Mike Harrington also called in from Nevada to discuss the Sabres' early season performance.


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00:00-17:15: Recap injuries and upsets on NFL Sunday without Bills game

21:30-37:30: Interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick

41:00-56:00: Is it appropriate for reporters to call coaches “Coach?"

59:30-1:16:15: Interview with Mike Harrington

1:20:45-1:37:00: Talk about Tyrod Taylor and whether the Bills should have drafted Deshaun Watson

1:40:30-1:57:00: Discussion of UB’s injured quarterbacks and poor attendance at home games

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