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Celebrate 'I Love Lucy' Day with some classic – and should-be-classic – clips

"Lucy! I'm home."

For Lucille Ball, of the beloved "I Love Lucy" show, home was actually in Western New York. She was born in Jamestown on Aug. 6, 1911.

Her renowned show originally ran from 1951 to 1957, but the re-runs live on decades later. Because of the show's continued popularity, we celebrate National I Love Lucy Day on Oct. 15 this year.

In honor of the feisty redhead herself, let's review some of the show's classic moments ... and the underrated, should-be-classic scenes.

Famous scenes

The chocolate scene. Enough said. This iconic scene immediately calls to mind Lucy and her sidekick Ethel trying to hold down jobs at a chocolate factory. The pair frantically stuffing chocolates in their mouths and down their shirts is a comedic scene like no other.

The Vitameatavegamin girl scene. "Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?" Watching Lucy attempt to film a commercial filled with tongue twisters while unknowingly getting drunk on gross vitamin liquid will always stick in people's minds. "That's vita-meata-vegamin." *Wink*

The grape-stomping scene. Ah, the Europe episodes. The widely celebrated – including at the Lucy Comedy Fest in Jamestown – scene of Lucy stomping on grapes never fails to entertain. It has all the hilarious Lucy classics we know and love, complete with her iconic face while sticking out her tongue. The scene ends with a grape fight that starts when Lucy tries to kick the woman stomping grapes with her, but falls in the process.

Underrated scenes

Now on to the really important stuff: the should-be classics. Some of these lesser-known scenes can be true fan favorites if you're an avid watcher.

When Little Ricky sings. Watching Maurice Chevalier and Ricky sing Valentine is great, but add in Little Ricky in his suit on the drums and this definitely becomes a scene everyone should watch. The little boy mimics the singing, dance moves and mannerisms of his dad. Off the charts adorable.

When Ricky actually lets Lucy perform. It happens every once in a while, and then all of Lucy's antics become worth it. One iconic example is when Lucy and Ricky star as Sally Sweet and Cuban Pete, respectively, and perform chick-chicky-boom. Thank to Lucy's scheming, she stole the gig, even though she ended up sick from a lack of eating afterwards. You know she'd do it all again for that sweet time in the spotlight.

When Ricky finds out Lucy's pregnant. In true show biz fashion, Lucy goes to Ricky's club and anonymously requests to have a lullaby sung because someone in the audience is pregnant. Ricky agrees, only to find out it's Lucy who's pregnant. Then, he escorts his wife around the stage while singing "We're Having a Baby."


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