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Tyrod Taylor unfiltered: More from the Bills QB

Over the course of a 40-minute interview with The Buffalo News, Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor opened up about a variety of topics, including his detractors, the “unfair” box mobile quarterbacks are often put in and his goal of getting the Bills their first Super Bowl championship.

Here are some additional nuggets from Taylor’s one-on-one, sit-down interview with columnist Kimberley A. Martin:

On Bills fans:
“Our fans are one of a kind, first and foremost. Energetic. Passionate about football. … Any fan, that’s what they’re emotionally tied into: wins and losses. No one’s more mad (when we lose) than the players – we’re actually going through it. But I understand the fans’ side.”

On how he really feels about fans wanting backup Nathan Peterman to start:
“That doesn’t faze me. My whole career has been built on competition. I’ve been that person when Joe (Flacco) messed up. People called for it. I’ve seen it both ways. The backup quarterback position in this league can be a popular one when things aren’t going right, but when things are going right, you don’t hear about them. So, why would that ever faze me?”

On who he’s closest to on the team:
“ ‘Avery’…(smiles)…I bet you didn't know we call each other by our middle names? ‘Avery’ – that’s Zay (Jones). Mine is Di’allo. Shady, Jordan (Matthews), E-Wood, Richie (Incognito) and Charles Clay. I love being around my teammates. Like I said, I’m an only child, so I didn’t grow up with any brothers or sisters. So I really view the people in my locker room as brothers, as true friends. If I call you ‘bro’ – I don’t use that loosely. I really view you as a brother.”

Tyrod Taylor Unfiltered: 'When we win, everything's great. When we lose, they want to crucify me.'

On his road-trip ritual:
“Any time I go on a plane I sleep. It’s just something about planes. After a loss or a win, I listen to music and replay plays throughout the game. I listen to gospel music and gospel rap. Lecrae. He probably doesn’t want to be considered a gospel artist, though. Mali Music just dropped an album, so that’s what I’m listening to now. Christon Gray is another rapper I like.”

On his impeccable fashion sense and custom gameday suits:
“I don’t really get many opportunities to dress up throughout the week, so when you do get a chance to dress up, you want to stand out. I like dressing up. Even back to when I was a kid and Mama would go get that Easter suit from Burlington (smiles). I wanted to make sure I was the flyest one in the church.”

“I like dressing up," Bills QB Tyrod Taylor says. "Even back to when I was a kid and Mama would go get that Easter suit from Burlington (smiles). I wanted to make sure I was the flyest one in the church.” (Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News)

On his parents’ sacrifices:
“They’ll get on the road and drive wherever. It don’t matter. My dad comes up early throughout the week, driving by himself from Virginia, 10 hours, for home games, just because he wants to be with his son. He’ll leave early Thursday, like 3 o’clock in the morning, get here by the time I’m finished up with practice. My mom will fly up Friday night after work. I’ll see them in the morning before the game. Their cutoff time is about 8 o’clock Sunday night. They usually get in between 2 (a.m.) and 5 (a.m.) and my mom is at work by 7 (a.m). … Just to see them sacrifice for my well-being, I could never repay them back. I try to as much as possible. They didn’t do it with a motive, they just did it out of love.”

On his first football position:
“My dad was the first one to introduce me to football, but my Mom kept me out there on the field. My dad was the coach and my first position was guard (laughs). I was 5. I wore (No.) 83. By that time, I had already played a year of basketball, so I told my mom, I’m just going to stick with basketball, I’m not feeling the guard position. She said, just stick with it. And we ended up practicing in pads for the first time the following week and I enjoyed it. So her pushing me back then and my dad actually coaching helped me love the game a little more.”

On whether he entertained playing wide receiver in the NFL:
“Only one team had ever mentioned that – the San Diego Chargers. They actually told me they would draft me high. I didn’t really put too much (thought) into it because, at the time, I hadn’t played receiver so I couldn’t believe that. And that’s not something I would want to do anyway."

On Michael Vick’s influence:
“I grew up in Hampton, he grew up in Newport News. His neighborhood is maybe a 10-minute bike ride from where I grew up. … To see him dominate at a level where he did, was definitely motivating as a kid. His personal story, him being caught up in some of the stuff he was caught up in, definitely taught me a lesson. Just that, you can’t let your guard down and you have to pay attention to everything because they will use you as an example if you give them a chance. What he did was definitely wrong. He should’ve been smarter about it. And he’ll tell you that. I think growing up in the same area, it kind of let a lot of people down. And I think that was a lot to learn from, especially as a young kid growing up, going to the same college, being compared throughout our career.”

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