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Make room for Buffalo sweets on National Dessert Day

Sugar and spice and everything nice about Buffalo.

This National Dessert Day, celebrated on Oct. 14, have your treats with a Buffalo-themed twist.

From doughnuts to ice cream to the famous sponge candy, dessert never tasted so sweet.

Here are a few suggestions to prime your taste buds:

"Let's Dough Buffalo!" ice cream. Perry's Ice Cream, the Akron, NY-based company, just launched a delightful mixture celebrating the Buffalo Sabres. Cookie dough ice cream is paired with crushed cookie swirls and cookie dough pieces. Show your team pride with a scoop of sweet goodness.

Sponge candy. Of course. No surprises here. If you're a true local, you probably have a specific brand preference. Platter's, Watson's, whatever you like. Sponge candy made our list of 100 Things Every Western New Yorker Should Do, so if you haven't tried it? You should.

Sponge candy ice cream. Lake Effect Ice Cream takes a local favorite and gives it a creamy twist. It turned the Western New York classic into a frozen treat, blending Platter's milk chocolate sponge candy pieces with sponge candy-flavored ice cream. Sponge candy + ice cream = yum.

"Grilled One Buffalo Stickies." The (716) Food and Sport restaurant downtown features many Buffalo-themed dishes. Check out its Grilled One Buffalo Stickies, featuring State College Diner sticky buns topped with One Buffalo ice cream. The scoop is another Perry's classic, offered year-round, featuring vanilla ice cream with sponge candy pieces, fudge-coated pretzels and sea salt caramel swirls.

The "Western" NY cheesecake. Food truck The Cheesecake Guy's got your back when it comes to classic New York-style cheesecake. This local inspiration is creamy with a touch of vanilla, and it can be topped with cherries or raspberries. See more dessert trucks in The News' Food Truck Guide.

Loganberry ice cream. Lake Effect strikes again, capitalizing on another Buffalo classic. If you like the sweet nectar of loganberry, then you're bound to love that flavor in ice cream form. It'll have you thinking of Crystal Beach days.

Any kind of Paula's doughnut. Paula's Donuts is a pride and joy of Buffalo. Its flavorful, filling donuts are renowned. Having trouble deciding what flavor? We can't help you. Get a bunch of different kinds.

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