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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings: Week Six

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)


  1. Kansas City. No one’s doubting the Chiefs are the best, but beating the Steelers would be more validation. (1)


  1. New England. They’re actually playing the Jets for first place? (2)


  1. Philadelphia. After four straight wins, the Eagles are flying high with Carson Wentz. (12)


  1. Green Bay. Vikings’ defense will provide a good test. (4)


  1. Detroit. These guys had better fix their best protection in a hurry. (5)


  1. Seattle. After a tough game vs. Rams, it’s a good time for a little R&R. (11)


  1. Atlanta. After some rest, they get to beat up on the Dolphins. (7)


  1. Houston. They can handle the Browns without Watt, but after that? (8)


  1. L.A. Rams. John McVay’s revitalized offense will have its hands full vs. Jags’ D. (9)


  1. Carolina. Even with Cam Newton’s three INTs, Panthers still had a chance vs. Eagles. (10)


  1. Buffalo. That banana peel after a big win always gets them. (6)


  1. Pittsburgh. Maybe Big Ben already has retired and just doesn’t know it. (3)


  1. Tampa Bay. Cardinals present an opportunity for this team to get above .500. (13)


  1. Dallas. No Ezekiel Elliott for six weeks? Ouch. (14)


  1. Minnesota. Latavius Murray must step up. (15)


  1. Denver. With the Giants coming to town, do the Broncos get a two-week bye? (16)


  1. Washington. With the 49ers coming to town, do the Redskins get a two-week bye as well? (17)


  1. Baltimore. Need to keep rolling vs. the Bears. (20)


  1. Jacksonville. To be clear, Doug Marrone still wasn’t happy the Bills traded up for Watkins. (22)


  1. New Orleans. Refreshed Saints’ pass-rushers want to make sure Stafford knows they’re around. (19)


  1. Oakland. Wherever the game is played, Raiders’ D will be keying on Gordon. (18)


  1. Tennessee. Maybe the Colts will present a rebound opportunity. (21)


  1. Cincinnati. A.J. Green showed the Bills what he could do playing a full game. (26)


  1. Miami. So much for that vaunted Dolphins rushing attack. (24)


  1. N.Y. Jets. Are they actually playing the Patriots for first place? (25)


  1. Arizona. This season could get really ugly for these guys. (23)


  1. Indianapolis. After OT win, do the Colts have enough left to make it two victories in a row? (27)


  1. Chicago. Trubisky is talented, but rookie growing pains will be felt. (28)


  1. LA. Chargers. Beating the Giants is well … beating the Giants. (32)


  1. San Francisco. Hard to see first win coming vs. Redskins. (29)


  1. Cleveland. Nobody spins the revolving QB door like the Browns. (30)


32. N.Y. Giants. Could it actually get worse for these guys? Yes, it could. (31)

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