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Letter: When will city officials restore order at BMHA?

When will city officials restore order at BMHA?

An Oct. 8 News editorial noted that Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Executive Director Dawn Sanders-Garrett and her assistant, Modesto Candelario, “expressed shock that their workers would take off the last couple of hours of the workday out of frustration or just not wanting to work a full day.” This statement says it all about what is wrong with the BMHA.

For years, literally years, the tenants living under the rule of the “Bad Management Housing Authority” have been crying out for help to deaf ears. The News has taken up the mantle over those years, but even the power of the press or broadcast news has failed in the effort for the BMHA to correct its ways.

The silence of all of our elected officials on this matter is deafening. Correct this injustice and do what you were elected to do: Protect and serve the people. When I recently confronted Mayor Byron Brown with our problems at the Marine Drive Apartments, he said, I quote, “unacceptable.” That’s not even close to the answer I and my fellow tenants are looking for.

John F. Nostrant


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