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Letter: Regardless of intent, many are offended

Regardless of intent, many are offended

After reading last Sunday’s Everybody’s Column, I had to give my opinion. One writer says, “To assume these players mean to disparage or disrespect the service of our veterans is ludicrous.” Well, whether or not they mean to, the fact is they are.

Another writer asks, “Why would President Trump provoke a dispute over paying reverence to the flag?” Give me a break. Any normal American should be upset about it. Especially the president and vice president. It is not a “race-related argument,” it is players disrespecting the anthem, flag and veterans like me, even if they don’t mean it that way. Most Americans were brought up to pledge allegiance to the flag and place your right hand on your heart during the national anthem.

How about the “American” stretching and completely ignoring the anthem? I have great respect for the president, vice president, Mike Ditka, Jim Kelly and even Jerry Jones for speaking out!

Dan Kashuba


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