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Letter: Reckless drivers pose a danger to all on road

Reckless drivers pose a danger to all on road

What is going on with drivers? The nicest people get behind the wheel of a car or SUV and become ignorant maniacs. All drivers should stay 100 feet behind the car in front of them. Yet you see drivers doing 65 mph and only 30 feet behind. This is not isolated; it is the norm. It takes over 100 feet to stop a car at 65 mph and they are only 30 feet behind? No wonder the collision shops are doing so well. Is it worth driving like a nut to save 5 minutes?

And the new problem with distracted driving is the information screen. There is so much technology in cars that people are playing around with the screen while driving, creating a whole new world of distraction. When is technology too much? Maybe it is time to go back 20 years when cars did not have all this stuff. Do we really need to watch movies while we drive?

John Lutz

Orchard Park

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