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Letter: President’s resignation would be gift to America

President’s resignation would be gift to America

Isn’t it time that the 65 percent of us who pride ourselves in putting country over party begin whispering the word “resignation” until it reaches a crescendo? Eventually, the remaining 35 percent will join the chorus when they learn that this president’s interests don’t really coincide with theirs.

In congressional cloakrooms and, privately, off the record, Republicans fret over his incompetence and irrational behavior, not to mention that his childlike bluster puts us all at risk of another war. While Americans suffer the ravages of hurricane and fire, and look for improvements in infrastructure, health care and wages, President Trump would prefer to engage in battles of his own making. He is learning that the presidency is hard work and much too difficult for him. What he speaks today changes tomorrow. He’s not smart enough to realize that videos exist to disprove him. So, weekend runaways for golf or visits to his friendly base are much more fun.

The world is appalled by his disdain for democracies while swooning over dictators. At home, it’s galling to hear that there is only room in Trump country for Americans who look, pray, think and vote a certain way.

Indeed, the watchword for this country should be resignation or impeachment. Like Paul Revere’s ride, attempting to wake up the colonists in time to save themselves, there will hopefully be a “galloping” drumbeat that elected officials can’t possibly ignore.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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