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Letter: Pampered millionaires picked the wrong target

Pampered millionaires picked the wrong target

As a young man, I was traveling from Naples to Rome with three other American soldiers when we saw a sign in Nettuno, Italy, indicating a nearby American military cemetery. Out of respect we decided to visit this place.

There were thousands of polished white marble crosses, which from a distance looked like a field of snow. A snow that will never melt. Each cross bore the name, rank and unit of the fallen soldier along with the date killed. Some of the crosses simply were inscribed with, “Here lies in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God.”

There were Italian nuns walking among the crosses stopping, with their hand upon a cross, to pray for our dead. High above this sacred and hallowed ground flew “Old Glory” keeping vigil over her fallen sons and daughters.

I was never so deeply moved or filled with patriotic fervor as I was that day. Now I am an old man but can still bring those scenes to my mind’s eye.

I contrast those feelings with what I have seen on display over the last few weeks in the NFL and I, among many who have served, agree that our president properly chided these pampered millionaires. They picked the wrong target for their protest and as a result, hindered their cause.

Stephen V. Chilcott


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