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Letter: New anti-bullying law is a step in right direction

New anti-bullying law is a step in right direction

The Oct. 8 News story about North Tonawanda trying to hold parents responsible for the misdeeds of their children gave me a strong rush of hope. Society as a whole has been struggling to stop crime and make our communities as safe and civilized as possible. There is endless blame of police and judiciary and even teachers and schools.

The most basic concept of individual responsibility – that it begins in the home and in the family – has become irrelevant. So now we have teenagers assaulting pizza deliverymen, having gang warfare and middle school students attacking peers. And still there is no certain response or consequences and society unravels. We are incubating eventual adult criminals.

Further, the blame for having too many people incarcerated is invariably directed to the civilization we all try to coexist within.

I don’t care if Charles Ewing of the University at Buffalo Law School says the idea is not practical. If parents won’t take responsibility for their children, what is the argument against the community trying to socialize young people and protect all of us?

David Casassa


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