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Letter: Hamburg senior center should have its own pool

Hamburg senior center should have its own pool

Over the last several months, I’ve been canvassing local neighborhoods to ask constituents for their vote this November. As I’ve been talking to this great community, one question frequently comes up: Why isn’t there a pool at our state-of-the-art senior center? Good question, and one I’ve been asking myself for quite a while.

When I was on the Hamburg Town Council several years ago, we had secured the funding to install a pool at the senior center. However, for whatever reason, it was never utilized. Seniors in our community should not have to go to another facility to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Many need it for exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation, so the fact that they go to the senior center for whatever their needs may be and then have to go to a different facility to use the pool is inconvenient and unnecessary. Traveling between buildings during the winter is even more unacceptable. The seniors of our community should be able to enjoy all of the amenities of one facility and not have to travel between buildings unnecessarily.

If our current members of the Hamburg Town Council can’t put the funds that were awarded to us to install a pool at the senior center, then it is time for new leadership. Myself and the other endorsed Democrats for the Town Council will work to make this a reality for the seniors of our community and their families.

Cheryl Potter-Juda

Endorsed Democrat for Hamburg Town Council

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