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Letter: Compromise is needed in debate over anthem

Compromise is needed in debate over anthem

As seen by the many articles in The News and on TV, the controversy over the respect necessary for the national anthem has reached an absurd level and has divided too many Americans at a critical time in our history.

If respect is the real problem, then I have a solution: Have all of the players and coaches kneel for the first half of the anthem to show respect for the First Amendment freedom of speech provision in the U.S. Constitution, and then have everyone stand for the last half to show respect for the song and what it represents.

However, I believe that respect for anything is not really the issue. It is much shallower. It is a selfish desire to be right and someone else to be wrong. Left and right issues are the crux of this divisive matter, not respect for the flag or veterans.

Those people who reject this compromise might reflect on the idea that they could be intolerant of others. To some, freedom of speech rights are just as important as showing respect for country, and showing respect for country is just as important to others as freedom of speech. Let’s compromise!

John Brandenberger


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