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Letter: Only top-notch students should attend City Honors

Only top-notch students should attend City Honors

The recent News article on City Honors was well done and the information it contained was excellent. It mentioned the City Honors “premise that no student who is less qualified will be given a seat over a student who is more qualified.”

Fortunately, for brilliant students in Buffalo, we have a ranking system, unlike Amherst which has done away with ranking.

The Sept. 29 News editorial presumes “that the admissions process is truly race-blind.” If the process is not, it should be fixed.

Raina Lipsitz, writing in Another Voice, feels that “without diversity, City Honors is just another school.” My feeling is that City Honors is not and should not be just another school. Why can we not accept that most students do not qualify for City Honors?

Robert Kaiser


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