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Letter: Constitutional convention could open Pandora’s box

Constitutional convention could open Pandora’s box

New Yorkers will have the opportunity to vote next month on whether or not they would like to have a state constitutional convention. This is an important decision that could dramatically change agriculture as we know it.

New York Farm Bureau has long valued individual rights and limits on governmental power. Delegates could diminish both of these priorities at a constitutional convention.

A majority of the delegates would be from New York City. New York Farm Bureau is concerned they would be unfamiliar with agriculture and our rural way of life. Why cede control from our elected officials to random convention delegates who have their own agendas, philosophies or axes to grind? Changes made at the convention could alter private property rights, labor laws, agricultural land use and conservation management. A Pandora’s box is waiting to be opened.

In addition, it could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

I understand the frustration that exists over inaction and ethical problems in Albany, but a constitutional convention is not the answer. It could make things worse. Please vote no on the convention.

Jeffrey Simons

President, Erie County Farm Bureau

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