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Letter: Anything can be a weapon for a deranged individual

Anything can be a weapon for a deranged individual

Much is being written in regard to the use of guns as weapons of destruction. How soon we forget to remember trucks loaded with fertilizer taking down buildings and killing innocents, or the pressure cookers used by other deranged individuals to wreak havoc on more innocent victims. How about hammers, butcher knives and airplanes, just to name a few other weapons commonly used by deranged individuals?

Let’s be clear. The average person, no matter how agitated, seldom gets out of bed in the morning, has breakfast and goes out on a murderous rampage.

So maybe instead of demonizing guns, we should start to look for the real culprits in these situations. What altered state are these killers’ minds in? What has or is causing their thinking to be so far from normal?

As I sit in front of my television, I see night after night drugs being advertised to help all sorts of illness and problems. I also notice that each of these is usually followed by a cautionary statement often including thoughts of suicide or other odd behaviors. Has anyone else ever given a thought to what makes a person kill his fellow man?

Paul J. Ziolkowski


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