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Letter: Common sense is scarce in debate on gun control

Common sense is scarce in debate on gun control

I am at a loss to understand why members of Congress have so little common sense. There has been another horrific bloodbath, with 58 killed by a man locked in a hotel room with more rifles and ammunition than an infantry squad would carry. Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed seem incapable of connecting this carnage to the free-wheeling sale of almost any kind of assault rifle.

At the time of the attack in Las Vegas, Republicans in Congress were getting ready to pass a bill legalizing the purchase of gun silencers. Really! In addition, Collins has introduced a bill that would in effect repeal the SAFE Act and prevent the possibility of a similar law being enacted in any other state. Each of these legislative actions is being proposed in the name of Americans’ right to self-defense under the aegis of the Second Amendment. Have Collins and Reed lost any semblance of sanity?

A primary rationale given by the National Rifle Association and the local organization SCOPE for resisting any control on the sale of guns and ammunition is the notion that we citizens need firearms to protect ourselves against “attack” by some other force – our government, a lethal posse, a deranged neighbor. How many instances can be tallied where someone has had to defend himself and his family from such incursions? We do read, however, too often of children shooting other children with a parent’s gun.

Like so many of us, I am not at all confident that Congress will address the issue of gun control. But we need to call out those who were elected to represent us in the faint hope that they will rise to the level of common sense and see what the gun culture has brought to our society.

David E. Day


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