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Bills Fans Near and Far: L.A. producer 'can't imagine rooting for anyone else'

Andrew Miano knows a few things about movies, having produced the “Golden Compass” and indie hits “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” “Grandma” and most recently, “Columbus.” He says if he ever got the opportunity to produce a movie about the Buffalo Bills, it would most likely be an epic and heroic tale about them finally winning the Super Bowl. But after mulling it over for a second, the 44-year-old movie producer says he’d rather have that happen in real life and tossed around a few other possible storylines instead.

Andrew Miano and his son, Oliver, at a Bills game in San Francisco with his childhood friends and their kids.

“I suppose there’s a good story there about Ralph Wilson’s rise and the creation of the team, and at the end of the day that’s what I’m always chasing – a good story. But honestly, I think a movie about the Bills would essentially be a movie about the city and the people who live there. Because that’s part of it.”

Miano knows Buffalo. He grew up in Kenmore and went to SUNY Oswego for college. From there, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of working in the entertainment industry. Then, he settled in Los Angeles and started producing movies. Still, after all these years, Miano maintains that he remains a Buffalonian.

“You can leave Buffalo but you can’t shake the Buffalo out of you,” he said. “Same thing goes for the Bills. I remember the exact moment when Scott Norwood missed the field goal. I was in high school. It was so devastating. And I still suffer from the same thing every Bills fan suffers from – the eternal hope of next year. I just can’t imagine rooting for anyone else.”

Andrew Miano
Age: 44
Current location: Los Angeles
Previous location: Kenmore
Favorite All-Time Bills Player: Thurman Thomas
Most memorable moment as Bills fan: Tearing down the goalposts after beating the Jets to the win the AFC East

Buffalo is a city of resilience that way, Miano adds. It’s just how Bills fans are wired. And no matter where he travels for work or vacation, he’ll find other Bills fans from every corner of the world. And chances are, they feel the exact same way.

“I was in Fiji scouting for a movie once. And one of the location scouts had a Bills sticker on his car. He had just gone to his first Bills game the previous year. I couldn’t believe it.”

Though he hasn’t been back to Buffalo or for a game in a long time, Miano travels to other cities to see the Bills play. Two of his best friends from seventh grade often come too, with their families and children in tow. Miano says the tradition started a few years back with a game against the chargers in San Diego, then New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver,  Los Angeles, and even London, England. Eventually, he plans to make it back to New Era Field with his 13-year-old son, Oliver.

The Bills blanket, pillow and mini football helmets Miano's son sets up before the Bills game starts every Sunday.

For now, Miano and Oliver have a tradition of their own to keep to. Every Sunday morning, they turn on the television and settle in to watch the Bills.

“My son puts on his Bills clothes, and we have this Bills pillow and a Bills blanket. He also has a few mini Bills helmets. Before the game, he’ll set it all up. It’s become a ritual. It’s funny, because he’s 13. He’s never seen the Bills be good. Yet, he’s still a Bills fan through and through. And I’m lucky because it’s fun for us to watch the games with him every week. It’s a wonderful thing we get to share.”


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