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Letter: Some patrons prefer to keep library quiet

Some patrons prefer to keep library quiet

The public library at one time was a designated quiet zone. I’ve never understood why people feel the need to converse in the library. Occasional whispering I don’t mind, and young children are innocent in their behavior, but it’s all too common for teachers and tutors to use the library as an annex to have full-volume conversations with their students.

I go to the library for a quiet work environment removed from my home and its responsibilities. Teenagers in my community come to the library in order to study in the quiet. The library doesn’t want to offer that anymore. Why has the rule “Quiet in the library” become such a bad thing?

Cellphone use is also discouraged in the library. It is considered disruptive; but talk isn’t? Is talking allowed as a way to make the library “user friendly” or more about librarians not wanting to have to get the backbone to say, “Please be quiet, and respect the rule or leave.”

Joe Cyran

West Seneca

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