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Letter: Right to bear arms is not up for debate

Right to bear arms is not up for debate

I would like to first point out that one of the biggest problems with people on the left in reference to gun control is that they don’t really believe that the right to bear arms is inalienable. The majority of them find it laughable that our government could dissolve into tyranny. I would like to submit that the first act of governmental tyranny would be disarming responsible gun owners.

The right to bear arms is not up for debate, as the matter was settled long ago in our Constitution. Our rights have been bought and paid for in blood because of tyranny. It is established that our rights are afforded us by our creator, therefore no man can take this away.

Secondly, I would like to add that although no motive has been established as of yet, it is likely that this individual preferred to leave Earth as infamous, as opposed to a loser nobody. That is the fault of constant sensationalism with 24-hour news coverage.

Something I have not yet heard in the media, having friends who reside in Puerto Rico, is the absolute need for firearms post-natural disaster, as many of them had to defend against theft of gas, food, water and generators.

Michael P. Connelly Jr.

West Seneca

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