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Letter: Why are some rights seen as more vital than others?

Why are some rights seen as more vital than others?

People have been outspoken about the NFL players expressing their First Amendment rights to protest injustice, saying that this is not the venue for this expression. Some of these same people believe that there should be no infringements on their Second Amendment rights.

The peaceful protest of taking a knee during the national anthem evoked much outrage. Where is the outrage over the rights that led to the carnage in Las Vegas? We allow people to legally purchase military-style semiautomatic weapons – weapons of mass destruction. We allow them to legally buy a kit to retrofit these weapons into automatic machine guns. In some states we allow them to openly carry these weapons, sometimes while waving Confederate and Nazi flags. Then we are shocked when someone actually uses one of these weapons. Really?

The head of the NRA says that the way to fight a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Up until that day in Vegas, it would have appeared that Stephen Paddock was a good guy with a gun. Authorities tell us if we see something, we should say something. But if we see someone carrying an AR-15 in a place where it is legal, what exactly are we supposed to be looking for and outraged about? Oh, that’s right, a black guy taking a knee during the national anthem.

I love New York State, and the SAFE Act. I proudly pay my taxes to live here.

Dawn Osburn

West Seneca

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