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Letter: Convention offers a chance to change state government

Convention offers a chance to change state government

On Nov. 7, we will vote on whether to hold a New York State constitutional convention. This is an opportunity to change state government. But there are actually three steps before any changes to the state constitution can be made. If the vote passes, a second vote in November 2018 will be held, where we will choose delegates (three from each Senate district plus 15 statewide). And in November 2019 we will vote for or against the changes proposed by the delegates. If the Nov. 7 vote fails, we will not be able to vote on a constitutional convention for another 20 years.

Many groups are against holding a convention because they are afraid of the delegates’ proposals. Anything in the state constitution, from campaign finance reform to removing the prohibition against funding religious schools, could be proposed. But the delegates don’t decide which proposals are accepted; we do. If we don’t vote for the constitutional convention, we won’t have an opportunity to vote on any proposals.

Do we want the opportunity to change New York State government, or not?

Rebecca Wightman

East Aurora

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