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McDermott still confident in a woeful wideout group

CINCINNATI – After Sunday's loss, several Buffalo media were referring to the Bills' wide receiver corps as the worst in the NFL. I haven't evaluated every roster in the league, but they certainly looked that bad in a 20-16 loss to the Bengals. They were perhaps the worst in the NFL when Jordan Matthews was healthy. Without him, they didn't have a wideout who was a legitimate No. 2 receiver.

All the Bills' wide receivers combined this season have 24 catches for 316 yards. The Bengals' A.J. Green, who had seven catches for 189 yards Sunday, has 504 yards receiving this year on his own. So much of the questioning after the loss was about the offense struggling to function with inferior wideouts.

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Coach Sean McDermott, of course, wouldn't concede a problem when I asked if he regretted not doing more to bolster the team's wideout corps in the offseason.

"I'm confident in these guys," McDermott said. "I'm confident in these guys. I know where you're going with that, and I'm confident in these guys."

I followed up with, "How could you be confident after what you saw today?"

"You keep working," he said. "That's what you do. You keep working and you learn from the tape. That's what we got to do. We got to learn. We got to play better, we got to coach better, and that's what we do."

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What's stopping the passing game from doing better, McDermott was asked?

"Let me look at the tape and, just like last week, we'll get a better feel," he said. "There's throwing, there's catching, there's protection. It's all that, it's not just one area. We've got to get better."

Mainly, it's lack of talent and depth at the position. The Bills brought this on themselves by not doing more to fortify the wide receiver position in the offseason, and by trading Sammy Watkins. It was inevitable that they would struggle. It'll be hard to make a playoff run with the worst wideouts in the NFL.

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