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Tyrod Watch: Escapability Index vs. Falcons, four-game update

In the Bills' win over the Falcons, Tyrod Taylor had more sacks than "escapes" for the first time during the 2017 NFL season.

Because context and comparison are vital in analysis, monitoring how often Taylor gets sacked relative to how often I deemed he escaped one makes sense. Here's a quick refresher on the criteria for Escapability Index:


  • Not every avoidance of a sack is counted as an escape, because the majority of quarterbacks have enough athleticism or skill in the pocket to avoid minimal to moderate pressure. Escapes come on plays in which I deem only fewer than 20 percent of the league's current starters (six signal-callers: Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Marcus Mariota and two others for randomness) could have pulled off Taylor's sack avoidance.
  • The outcome of the play after the escape doesn't matter, whether it be a completion, scramble, throwaway and so on. However, an escape will not be counted if Taylor eludes a sack to only be later taken down for a sack on the same play.
  • "Sacks" need to be a defensive player bringing Taylor to the turf. Running out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage will not be counted as a sack.
  • To summarize, an escape is only counted if, by my determination, 80 percent of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL would not have been able to execute the sack avoidance, and if a sack didn't ultimately occur on the same play.

Escapability Index serves as a way to measure the value of Taylor's ability to elude sacks.

Against the Falcons, Taylor's escapability formula was as follows:

Escapes: 1

Sacks: 2

Escapability Index: -1

This marks the second-consecutive game Taylor had an Escapability Index of -1. His escape came on an outrageous play in which he juked a few times behind the line then used his acceleration to pick up the first down. Taylor was under pressure on nine of his 25 dropbacks against the Falcons.

Through four games, Taylor's escapbility formula is as follows:

Escapes: 7

Sacks: 7

Escapability Index: 0

Taylor is back to breaking even with sacks and escapes heading into Week Five's game against the Bengals. A fair share of his escapes have been of the spectacular variety.

Heading into Week Five's game, the Bengals have pressured the opposing quarterback on 44.9 percent of their dropbacks, a relatively high figure.

Taylor's ability to escape sacks may be put to the test in Cincinnati.

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