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Vic Carucci's Bills analysis: A playoff run shouldn't change pursuit of franchise QB

Stay the course. Stick with the plan. Keep your eye on the target.

Those were the thoughts that immediately ran through my mind after reading the following question posed via Twitter Thursday:

I can't say with any certainty what the Bills' draft plan will be. I don't think they even have a firm handle on it yet.

However, even if the Bills do end up reaching the postseason, I think it makes perfect sense for them to proceed with the approach that their acquisition of six picks through the first three rounds strongly suggested.

Go ahead and get that franchise quarterback.

And don't give it a second thought.

I know, I know. If the Bills do, in fact, make the playoffs, Tyrod Taylor will presumably have something to say about it.

Tyrod Taylor's late-game numbers are trending in the right direction

He has performed solidly through their 3-1 start, with a passer rating of 100.7 and five touchdown passes to one interception. He took a major career step with Sunday's victory at Atlanta, the biggest road win of his two-plus seasons as the Bills' starter.

He has done a good job of overcoming a mediocre receiving corps that just got a little weaker with its best player, Jordan Matthews, recovering from thumb surgery. He has even managed to squeeze enough out of the offense to win two games without the help of an effective rushing attack.

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I don't care.

If Taylor finishes with a career season, I don't care. Draft a quarterback.

Always draft a quarterback.

No, it's not an indictment of Taylor. It's a good, sound way to achieve the goal that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane set out to achieve when they took charge: sustainable success. That takes more than one thing, but the main thing is a great quarterback.

Who will that be from the 2018 NFL Draft? Too early to tell. The Bills won't be setting their first draft board until some point in November.

They, along with other quarterback-needy teams, have to see which underclassmen will be coming out to determine exactly the strength of what was supposed to have been a superb quarterback class. So far, there are a couple of candidates who are seen as top-five picks: Josh Rosen of UCLA and Mason Rudolph of Oklahoma State.

USC's Sam Darnold, thought to be the cream of the crop, has struggled so far and has raised major doubts about his worthiness as a potential franchise QB.

It's still early. The college picture will come into clearer focus later in the year.

What's already clear is the Bills' need to continue to pursue a long-term answer at quarterback. That can be done with Taylor still on the team. That can be done with Nathan Peterman still on the team.

If a potentially better quarterback is available in next year's draft and the Bills can utilize their accumulation of high draft choices to get him, they must get him.

You can win in the NFL with a passer who gives you about 200 passing yards per game and takes great care of the football. In other words, Taylor.

But you win consistently – you win championships – with one who throws for 300 yards and multiple touchdowns on a regular basis.

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