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Letter: Those who elected Trump happy with his performance

Those who elected Trump happy with his performance

The longer special prosecutor Robert Mueller pokes around looking for Russians and trying to salvage good friend James Comey’s reputation, the more we learn about Obama administration interference and opposition surveillance during the last election. Records relating to Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump campaign members have been sealed at the Obama Library, away from public view for five years. The House Intelligence Committee has learned that one official with “no apparent intelligence-related function” (widely reported to be former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power) made hundreds of unmasking requests last year.

While the only actual crime to date relating to Russia is the criminal leaking of classified information by U.S. intelligence officials, Mueller and his Democrat-laden team of lawyers appear determined to come up with something on President Trump.

Last year, Hillary Clinton ran up the score against Trump in the five largest U.S. cities, winning by nearly 5 million votes. Her message fell flat in the rest of the country, where 94 percent of the population live, which Trump carried by 2.1 million votes while winning 62 percent of the 45 states there up for grabs. These Americans knew they were voting for a nontraditional president, are generally pleased with his performance to date and will definitely not take kindly to efforts to overturn the result of the election.

As well as diminishing what respect Americans still have for Washington politics, prosecutorial overreach may well seal the fate of Democrats for years. This time, it will be obvious “what happened.”

Malcolm Vanderburgh


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