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Letter: Players are not trying to disparage veterans

Players are not trying to disparage veterans

This Sunday the Buffalo Bills will play football. They may or may not stand or kneel for the national anthem. No one will comment on this at the gathering I usually attend. The only thing that unites us, besides friendship, is the fact that we are all fans of the Bills and love to root them on to victory. We also cheer for difficult plays and catches, runs and kicks, even if they don’t win.

The demonstrations the players display in response to what they perceive as unequal treatment of minorities is a separate issue that we will not comment on. To assume these players mean to disparage or disrespect the service of our veterans is, in my opinion, ludicrous.

Why don’t they protest somewhere else? Maybe they do, however, what better place to present their silent protest than at a televised event watched by millions?

Should the NFL fire them? If there is a clause in their contract that requires them to stand for the anthem, maybe. But the NFL is standing behind its players, some of whom are veterans, so why shouldn’t we?

We are fortunate to be Americans, who live in a country where we are free to voice our individual opinions whether or not others agree.

Gloria Masters


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