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Letter: Not all are college-bound, so let’s teach skilled trades

Not all are college-bound, so let’s teach skilled trades

Years ago, high schools realized that not everyone was college-bound so they had trade classes and schools to provide students with training that would be useful in the real world after graduation. Fast forward many years and because of budget cuts, we are grooming mostly college-bound students.

Wake up, high school administrators. We are in a crisis for laborers these days. Bring back wood shop and other classes to introduce different worlds to these students. Retiring plumbers can’t find journeymen to replace them. Craftsmen are in shortage when building homes, etc.

College is not the be-all and end-all. Many of the students need a useful skill to be self-supportive. Many smart students are just not college material and deserve a chance to make a decent wage as well. New York State has to increase the opportunities to guide students in a variety of careers and stop focusing on the majority of students who are college-bound. There is room to educate both groups.

Judith Whitehead

East Amherst

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