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Letter: How many more people are sitting on an arsenal?

How many more people are sitting on an arsenal?

Mass murder in this nation has become so common that we have developed a standard response. We hear this is not the time to debate the issue of registration of the machines whose sole purpose is to efficiently kill as many living creatures as rapidly as possible. Add-on appliances to increase the rate of fire and silencers to muffle the sound and facilitate cover for the shooters are readily available for no other purpose than to add to the “thrilling experience” of discharging a military weapon.

Yes, the Second Amendment is clear in its 18th century language guaranteeing the right of citizens to bear arms. However, the authors of the Constitution undoubtedly did not envision these modern-day weapons or the common man amassing his own arsenal free of any limiting restrictions other than bearing the cost to accumulate them.

We should be asking ourselves: How many other individuals are sitting on an arsenal in the basement, garage or barn? With an estimated 300 million guns in this country, isn’t it fair to ask: Who are the owners? How many guns do they have? Where are the guns stored? The next time you take a seat in a crowded theater or stadium, or send your kids to school, ask yourself: How safe is it? Isn’t it time that voters demand changes that protect the people rather than protecting gun manufacturers and the NRA’s list of pliant politicians?

Ed Gentner


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