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Our favorite Halloween candy is . . .

Sour Patch Kids? That, according to, is our favorite Halloween candy.

Not Snickers, not M&Ms, not even Tootsie Rolls. Consumers in New York State favor the sour gummies over every other Halloween candy, said the online bulk candy retailer. It combed through 10 years of its sales data, checked with manufacturers and distributors, and found Sour Patch Kids are the No. 1-selling treat in the state. People here consume more than 200,000 pounds of them during the Halloween season, the company said.

To be sure, the whole thing had the feel of a wicked bit of marketing.

But it got us thinking, could this be true? The place that made sponge candy famous has a palate for Sour Patch? The land of plenty that overflows with such charming chocolatiers as Platter's, Watson's and Alethea's prefers mouth-puckeringly sour blobs of corn syrup?

Worse, candy corn nabbed second place in the ranking with 101,292 pounds.

As with most statewide statistics, New York City has a big influence over the results, which often don't accurately reflect the state of things in Western New York. So, before you stock up on Sour Patch Kids and candy corn for Halloween, keep that in mind.

As usual, New York City skewed the Skittles out of the results.


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