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Letter: Trump’s support of coal is taking us back to the 1700s

Trump’s support of coal is taking us back to the 1700s

President Trump has been helping the coal industry with legislation and funding. Coincidentally, the coal industry held its convention this week in the Trump International Hotel in D.C. at the bargain rate of only $800 per room. Aside from a sitting president profiting, again, from an obvious tit-for-tat deal, there is more in play. Energy Secretary Rick Perry introduced legislation that will force the U.S. to invest in coal plants. Over at the Environmental Protection Agency, Secretary Scott Pruitt is trying to roll back existing water pollution standards on coal-fired power plants.

Meanwhile, India has scrapped plans for 103 coal-fired plants and China has not only canceled plans for new coal plants but also announced that production of gas and diesel car engines will soon cease. So while the rest of the world is investing in future technologies that translate to jobs and growth, Trump is leading the U.S. back to the 1700s. He is surrendering our future to line the pockets of his donors who own the coal. Coal that will be mined robotically without putting any laid-off coal miners back to work. And with 2.8 billion people abandoning coal, plus Europe’s commitment to solar and wind power, who in the world will buy this coal?

Our infrastructure is crumbling, our education system is a joke, the military is out of control, climate change is crippling the U.S. and Trump’s answer is to go back to coal? All hail to the administration that is so crooked its members sleep on the stairs at night.

Phil Parshall


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