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Letter: Summon the courage to enact gun control

Summon the courage to enact gun control

“Land of the free and home of the brave.” These are the final words of the national anthem. Does this mean “free” to buy stores of assault weapons intended for mass murder? Are “the brave” the victims of mass shootings who dare to assemble peaceably, the first responders to massacres, law enforcement officers and all those who are traumatized, maimed and killed by American terrorists armed with multiple assault weapons? And those of us who stand by helplessly watching the carnage? I think not.

Federal gun control legislation cannot be a partisan issue. It is a human issue, and legislators of all stripes need to summon the courage to enact federal legislation.

Our law enforcement men and women do their jobs in fear that they may die because they never know if the next person they approach may be armed and cause their deaths. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough.” I believe the preponderance of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, want federal gun control legislation, especially of combat weapons. No deer hunter needs an AK-47 to fell a deer.

So let’s “take a knee” for federal gun control legislation. Write and call your legislators and tell them the carnage must stop and they have the power to influence that.

Lucia Sleight


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