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Restaurant notes: Mulberry, House of Hummus, Fresh Catch Poke

Mulberry on Main is aiming for an early November opening, bringing its famous meatball and handmade pastas to Snyder.

Neighbors' hunger for its arrival, at 4548 Main St., was only heightened by the news that Siena, an Italian mainstay that has operated for decades on the next block, may move.

"We were aiming at Nov. 1, but you know how that works out sometimes," Jerge said, referring to the myriad ways restaurant openings can be delayed by regulators, staffing issues or supply snafus. Hopefully the restaurant can open in November, he said.

Additions to the Lackawanna menu will include a mozzarella bar, Jerge said, serving diners housemade cheeses including mozzarella only minutes old, presented with seasonal accompaniments. Diners will also be able to watch some of the restaurant's pastamakers at work.

In anticipation of its opening, Mulberry on Main has been opening its doors to sell gift cards. The door is open from 4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.

Mulberry Italian restaurant opening Snyder location

House of Hummus on Elmwood: On Sept. 29, House of Hummus opened its second location, on Elmwood Avenue.

The restaurant space, 502 Elmwood Ave., was formerly a prep kitchen for Lloyd taco trucks.

In it, Ahmed Hamideh and his family have constructed a larger version of their original place, at 1510 Hertel Ave.

Falafel is a specialty at House of Hummus. (Andrew Galarneau/Buffalo News)

The Jerusalem-style Arab menu includes beef shawarma, falafel and more vegetarian and meat choices are served as rice platter, with salad and hummus, rice bowls, or wrapped into sandwiches. Another vegan specialty is foul medames ($6.49), fava bean puree with garlic and olive oil.

The hummus at House of Hummus comes with a lively green chutney made from green chile and herbs. (Andrew Galarneau/Buffalo News)

The 35-seat restaurant is counter service, where customers order at the counter then sit to wait for their food. The hummus (above, $6.49) comes decked out with mildly spicy fresh green chile chutney.

Beef shawarma plate with rice (top) includes diced-tomato Jerusalem salad, hummus, shaved marinated beef, pita bread, and tabouli ($14.99).

Other items on the menu include hummus with meat, and hummus and rice topped with salad and falafel ($11.99). Chicken kebabs ($11.99) and beef kebabs ($12.99) are available as well. A dozen small crunchy falafel balls with herbed tahini sauce (above) costs $5.99.

House of Hummus' second location, 502 Elmwood Ave., is larger than the Hertel Avenue original. (Andrew Galarneau/Buffalo News)

House of Hummus Middle Eastern restaurant opening on Elmwood

 Washington Market closing: Washington Market, the downtown convenience grocery, will close its doors after a clearance sale.

Owner Michael Khoury announced the news Oct. 2 on the market's Facebook page.

"This week will be our last, as we will be closing The Washington Market after lunch on Friday," he wrote. "We've been a part of this growing downtown area for a decade and it's been a great ride. There's too many thoughts and feelings to express but, in short, we feel lucky to have gotten to know so many of the residents and workers in the area and will miss you all dearly."

Khoury took over the market, at 461 Ellicott St., in 2016, expanding its line of groceries, practical items for downtown dwellers, and beer.

"Come say hello this week and grab a breakfast sandwich or smash burger, perhaps." Beer goes on sale too.

The market will reopen at another location, Khoury wrote.

Restaurant Notes: Aperitivo, Buffalo Eats, Washington Market

Frank at Buff State: Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs will have a regular presence on the Buffalo State College campus after being invited to supplement lunch options.

On Monday and Wednesday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a Frank truck will serve between the Science Building and Upton Hall, near Lot I-37.

The truck's menu includes hand-cut fries and custom-made hot dogs, including offbeat numbers like the Hogtied, with bacon, cheddar, crunchy onions and barbecue sauce, and the Frank Mi, with spicy aioli, cucumber, pickled vegetables, cilantro and jalapeno.

Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs are available via two trucks and at EXPO, the downtown food hall at 617 Main St. At Buffalo State College, Frank will also serve at football games and special events.

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Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs raises the standard

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Town of Niagara Colosso: The Niagara Falls branch of Colosso Taco is opening another outlet in the Town of Niagara, with new offerings like a quesadilla burger and jumbo taco dog.

The new place will be located at 7101 Packard Road, in what was last a Dickie's Donuts.

The Colosso Taco at 2440 Pine Ave. will remain open as before, said owner Rami Abdellatif. The original Colosso Taco, opened in 1978 in the City of Tonawanda, has a different owner.

Another location will serve the customers who don't want to drive as far as Niagara Falls for a meal, Abdellatif said. "A lot of people don’t want to come downtown, it's too far," he said.

The new Town of Niagara location will offer the same menu of hard and soft tacos, subs, chicken fingers and quesadillas. Plus a few newcomers like low-carb wraps, extra large tacos, quesadilla burgers (Colosso seasoned beef patty inside tortillas with two kinds of cheese) and during the summer, a taco dog (jumbo dog, taco meat, cheese and onions).

The place can seat about 70, roomy enough to book birthday parties and other events. He's applying for a beer license, has a wifi network, and plans to offer free coffee for the first year, to welcome new guests.

The schedule will be six days a week for lunch and dinner, closed Sundays.

Abdellatif hopes to have the place open in November.

Poke in Amherst: Poke, the Hawaiian dish usually based on marinated raw fish, is getting its first dedicated local outlet in a Williamsville restaurant.

Fresh Catch Poke Co. is planning to open in December at 5933 Main St., the building across from Williamsville South High School that will also contain a Lloyd Taco Factory outpost.

Owners Justin and Ashley Draper, and Michael Tobin want to feed the community's hunger for "a healthy way of eating, with sustainable seafood, people gravitating towards seafood and less meat-focused meals, and more plant-based diets," Tobin said.

"We don't have many healthy fast-casual options, and that's why we're getting into it," he said. The restaurant will have a "build your own, West Coast hip meets East Coast vibe," he said.

Build your own dish, Chipotle style, will be the format. Marinated seafood, vegetarian and vegan options, will be combined with vegetables, rice and sauces to the customers' specifications.

The menu will be shaped by following best practices on sustainably sourced seafood. It will include fish airlifted from Hawaii and elsewhere, Tobin said, and salmon sustainably farmed in Norway.

The Drapers own Jada Blitz Training, Balance Body Foods, a meal prep business. Tobin was in marketing for a manufacturing firm. It will be their first restaurant.

Chef Vathanathavone "Tutu" Inthalasy of Kaydara Noodle Bar will help develop the menu, he said.

Jada Blitz fitness training in Amherst plans Saturday open house

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