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Letter: Williamsville must change plan to develop South Long

Williamsville must change plan to develop South Long

I recently attended the working session of the Village of Williamsville Planning Board where the conceptual plans for development of the corner of South Long and Main streets were presented.

The proposed building is too tall to be abutted directly on the sidewalk. It is not in keeping with the nearby properties on Main Street and could be the beginning of a big change in the “village” nature of the neighborhood. If this building is built, and the code as now written allows others to be built, I foresee Main Street in Williamsville becoming a canyon of taller buildings in the future. Do we really want the south side of Main Street to be in deep shadows for five months of the year?

There are no other four-story buildings abutting the sidewalk on Main Street in the village, and there are very few three-story buildings, such as the building just east of Cayuga Road on the north side.

The Wyndham hotel at the corner of Forest Road should not have been permitted. In the winter it shades most of Main Street, making the street and sidewalks icier and the landscape gloomier.

Ideally the building code should be amended to require a setback for buildings of four or more stories, especially on the south side of Main Street, but if that cannot be done, the proposed South Long Street plan should be required to change the nature of the fourth floor, perhaps with a sloping mansard roof, to make it less imposing.

Alan Blackburn


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